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Benefits Of Music Education  

Hi Everyone .

I will be posting  one benefit of Music Education, each day starting today July 26,2022. 

I trust that you will read and find each day's  posting interesting .

Benefit 1

Language Skills

According to PBS, "Recent studies have clearly indicated that musical training physically develops the part of the left side of brain known to be involved with the processing of language, and can actually wire the brain's circuit in specific ways."

Learning a musical instrument also improves how the brain understands human language, which can helps students learn a second language .


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Music In This Time We Are Living 

In Light of the Pandemic facing the world today , Music is very essential in the preservation  of the mental status of our people .

Music has the potential to help persons control their stress . 

Listening to the right  type of music can do wonders to the souls and the spirits of persons .

Individuals needs to be able to play an instrument , use the voice to sing a song to express his or herself .

I am encouraging everyone to find an instrument to play , sing songs , even to try writing a short song of praise to the creator .

Thank You lord 

Thank you Lord 

I love you 

 Thank you Lord 


I wish for all of You God richest blessing .

Keep safe 

Keep singing 

God is good .


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Love is commitment  and not a feeling 

Love is what hold any relationship together .

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